Vertical Positioning Technologies and Its Application of Workforce Tracking Management by V3 Smart Technologies

Singapore – 3rd December 2018 – What is Vertical Positioning Technologies?

Vertical positioning technology is essentially the critical ingredient in the Tampines Town Council project which V3 is actively involved in in ensuring cleaning services all areas along the HDB corridor are cleaned. Piloted since August 2018, and launched at Estate Monitoring System (EMS) & Cleaner Appreciation Night four months later, this application system is V3’s brainchild which taps on various WiFi access points throughout the block to determine which floor corridor the cleaner is on with timestamp details of what time he or she is there and for how long.

From the data collected, it supposed to help planning for these cleaning work more effectively. For example, HDB blocks with more staircases may require more cleaner to carry out the work. And cleaners which find it difficult to climb staircases, may be better off deployed to work on the ground floor or even carpark.

Despite the reservation from cleaners’ on how they are being tracked, the system, on the contrary can be used to protect them should dispute ever arises with residents over certain areas not being cleaned for example.

“Vertical Positioning Technologies is a more accurate application as compared to GPS technology as the latter has poor vertical position accuracy from the perspective of topological heights and the application is best suit for highly built-up countries like Singapore” shared Mr Adrian Long, General Manager of V3. We are also looking at its application for other vertical segment to maximize the usage of this technology.

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