V3 Smart Technologies bags E50 Awards for 4th Consecutive Years!

Singapore – 29th November 2018 – V3 today announced that the company has been named as one of the recipient of E50 Awards this year. It is the company 4th consecutive wins!

Mr Wong Shih Jon was quoted saying that the company’s continual effort to ensure that we produce quality, innovative solutions has been recognized yet again by the industry. This is to show that we are also making in-route into our own set of digital transformation plan by dishing out solutions which are relevant to our customers’ needs in transforming their business to meet the current landscape.

We certainly want to take this opportunity to share this awards with our partners and customers. Also, to thank our customers for all the support shown during the past years.

About E50 Awards 

The E50 Awards, first established in 1995, recognizes local, privately-held companies who have contributed to economic development in Singapore and abroad.