GET WITH THE BEST WITH V3 Smart Technologies

Singapore 20th November 2015 V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore™s leading telematics service provider, announced today the company has won honours at Thursday Enterprise 50 (E50) Award joining the top mark ranks together with Singapore™s best local enterprises.

The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards, first established in 1995, recognizes local, privately-owned companies who have been lauded for going beyond overcoming the adversities of today™s market to positioning themselves for future growth. This annual event is jointly organized by The Business Times and KPMG, and supported by the International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation and SPRING Singapore. The E50 Awards is sponsored by OCBC Bank.

Aptly, the theme for the awards this SG50 Jubilee year is The Next 50 Building A Better Tomorrow and with the guest-of-honour for the evening, Trade and Industry Minister S Iswaran emphasizing that business must factor in the sharing economy, disintermediation through technology and the rise of open innovation to stay ahead of the game.

Emergence of new firms among key areas Committee for Future Economy will focus which is chaired by Finance Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat. Ultimately, we want a strong and diverse corporate eco-system with dynamic start-ups, productive and capable SMEs, and globally competitive large companies, with strong inter-linkages between them and with the global economy, added Mr. Iswaran. The Government cannot pick winners and losers, but we can provide a conducive environment for this to occur.

This win marks strong reflections of V3 Smart Technologies continuous effort to stay relevance in today business landscape. In line with high-powered Committee for Future Economy™s aims in creating more good jobs for workers and help firms adapting to a lean workforce, among other future challenges, V3 Smart Technologies has turned to innovative Transformer Technology and retrofitted it onto any mechanized cleaning equipment and turned them into driver-less cleaning machine.

Among other solutions deployed by National Environment Agency (NEA)™s appointed cleaning contractors, are the workforce tracking and management which revolutionizes field cleaning work with mobility which reports the milestones of real-time updates and statuses as the work is being performed.

At the Awards ceremony, V3 General Manager, Mr Adrian Long said V3 solution is made modular; it means that we can build the basic solution from core cloud-based V3Nity Engine and start development of the application fitting to customer™s customized requirements a phase at a time.

He added We have created a new division known as V3 Technovation to spearhead the smart technologies implementation which value-add in research and development in delivering customized solution. For a start, in our Transformer Technology, we design and build the intelligence and retrofit it to any mechanized equipment; this effort is appreciated by our customers as they need not spend a huge sum of CAPEX investment through replacement of entire fleet of cleaning machine. Further, due to modular rollout, it can also be integrated with workforce management as a full integrated solution. It marks a new chapter of growth for us after more than 12 years in the market.


About Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards

The E50 Awards, which is in its 21st year, was launched in 1995 to identify, support, recognize and reward enterprising privately-owned, local companies across all sectors. The E50 Awards seeks to recognize the fifty most enterprising privately-owned local companies in Singapore.
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V3 Smart Technologies’ Bin Belly Recognized As Finalist at SiTF Award 2015

Singapore 1st October 2015 V3 Smart Technologies, a leading home grown telematic service provider was a finalist for the Best Innovative Research & Development category, from over 300 submissions in all categories, for its Bin Belly submission at SiTF Awards 2015.

At the Infocomm Industry Gala dinner held at Raffles Convention Centre, Mr. Adrian Long, V3 Smart Technologies General Manager, said We are thrilled to be one of the finalists for the Best Innovative Research & Development category for the SmartBin submission which we affectionately coined it as Bin Belly. This is indeed a true testament that our product and solutions, with its cutting-edge innovation, have struck chord within the Information, Communications and Media players. We are always on the lookout to challenge the norm, rise among our peers, through injecting innovation and creativity in our incessant pursuits to develop creative and yet practical solutions.

The SmartBin concept is not a new technology. Many organizations have attempted to tap into this technology but suffered setbacks in the area of accuracy and cost. Bin Belly™s unique propositions lies within these key areas of innovation

  • Re-positioning the sonar sensor from vertical orientation to horizontal to avoid the inaccurate reading from the trash bag. With the added light (LDR) sensor with a carefully calibrated of marked levels to indicate the percentage of trash contents. Such combination sonar and light sensors prove to be a much superior tool for a more accurate content readings.
  • Current deployment is indoor usage. However, with an add-on GPS chip modem, the solution can be transformed into outdoor bin trackings as well. Plus the add-on features of battery life monitoring, alert for possible tamperings etc.
  • Further to the above, our in-house team capability in hardware designing can also customized customer™s requirements including fitting of these sensors onto the various sizes of the bins.
  • Next, Bin Belly system management can be a standalone or even integrated with V3 Cloud Robotics which is also a Robotic-As-A-System (RaaS) which empowers and monitors any mechanized machineries in driver-less mode through retro-fitting the Artificial Intelligence onto these equipment.
  • Lastly, with its user-friendly web-based portal management, user can track live the locations of the bins, control data transmission frequency, and can also be set to alert cleaners through mobile app residing in smartphone or smart badge. These data can also be collated into reports as well as charts for monitoring of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the team in raising the cleaning service standard.