V3 in The News

The above IPI Singapore™s advertorial Connecting Enterprises to Innovation appears in The Straits Times, Tuesday September 9, 2014 Pg A19 with V3 Smart Technologies mentioned. Do visit www.ipi-singapore.org for more information on how IPI can help your business.


Bruneian ICT businesses meet with
Singaporean companies

Singapore 16 June 2014

V3 Smart Technologies was the second Singaporean company to deliver a presentation. Founded in 2002, the company is a leading mobility solutions provider specialising in Mobile Workforce Applications, Asset and Fleet Tracking, Transport Optimisation and Scheduling Applications.

As they explained in the presentation, its practical mobile applications can be used across different industries, with noteworthy clients including the Marina Bay Sands Resort, TransCab (a taxi company), NTUC Income (an insurance company) and government agencies.

Their Teletech platform, V3nity, is the basis of its tracking systems and solutions. As was stated yesterday, V3nity is a service solution that allows enterprises to use telematics and real time data management to optimise resources, and for collaboration services with telcos and Applications service partners for worldwide deployment.

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