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In-Licensed Technology Enhances V3 Smart Technologies™ Products

V3 Smart Technologie is a homegrown SME that specialises in Location-Based Services & Applications and an Intelligent Transport System. It developed the first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Telematics platform in Singapore that allows enterprises to use telematics and real time data to optimise and manage scarce resources. Over the past 12 years, it has established itself as a leading provider of innovative mobility solutions and technologies in the region.

V3 Smart Technologie identified service robotics application as an area of growth. With an aging workforce and rising labour costs, service robots are set to play a vital role in the service sectors such as cleaning & maintenance and security & surveillance. To complement our strength in wireless M2M sensors, navigation and mobility systems, we sought to collaborate and in-license enabling technologies such as human detection analytics to make the robots smarter, said Mr Wong Shih Jon, Executive Director of V3 Smart Technologie.

IPI assisted V3 Smart Technologie in sourcing for the right technology. At TechInnovation last year, it was matched to TNO, a renowned research organisation from the Netherlands, for one of its enabling technologies. Following a few rounds of discussion, they started a co-development project to incorporate video surveillance capability into the robots. The collaboration with TNO and the use of automated human detection have greatly helped to enhance cognitive intelligence of V3 Smart Technologie™ robots.

The outcome of the collaboration has resulted in the successful development of our first cloud robotics solution for surveillance. This enables us to enter the market for service robots much quicker than if we were to develop the technology in-house from scratch. Mr Adrian Long, General Manager, V3 Smart Technologie was quoted.

V3 in The News

The above IPI Singapore™s advertorial Connecting Enterprises to Innovation appears in The Straits Times, Tuesday September 9, 2014 Pg A19 with V3 Smart Technologies mentioned. Do visit www.ipi-singapore.org for more information on how IPI can help your business.