V3 continues to rank as leading local company who innovates by staying relevance and competitive in today’s business landscape and economy

Singapore – 22nd November 2017 – For the 3rd consecutive year, V3 Smart Technologies has been included in the Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards, jointly organized by The Business Times and KPMG, and supported by the International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation, Singapore Exchange and SPRING Singapore.

V3 Smart Technologies, Singapore’s leading Mobility Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and robotic solution provider, announced today the company has won again honours at this year Enterprise 50 (E50) Award for three times in a row.

This year theme of “Innovate, Grow & Succeed: Staying competitive in today’s economy” is a pivotal win for the company. “This is a continued validation from our peers and industry have given us since we participated this in 2015. We would like to dedicate this year win to both our partners and customer for their supports,” said Mr Wong Shih Jon, V3 Smart Technologies Managing Director.

“In a constantly changing and highly competitive market environment, independent endorsement and recognition motivate us to strive for further improvements in our business and sustainability efforts.”

Future SMEs: Embracing Realities, Creating Opportunities

Digitisation of businesses, robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, cyber intrusion, global political commotions, shifts of economic power, are amongst the many forces of disruption and innovation that shape today’s realities of the world. These realities are changes that are taking place at an exponential rate, with deeper breadth and depth. The speed of innovations and breakthroughs is unprecedented and at the fastest yet, surprising or disrupting the future of business, making it tougher than ever to comprehend and anticipate.

Future SMEs need to understand the changing environment and embrace realities. They need to re-examine the way they conduct business, and be prepared to restructure and reinvent to create new opportunities. Organized by Singapore Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) the Annual SME Conference is Singapore’s most established and longest-running bilingual SME business conference that offers insights and acumen of notable local and global business and market leaders on conquering challenges and building successful businesses. The Infocomm Commerce Conference is Singapore’s most definitive SME-centric business and technology conference that informs SMEs on the latest and best-in-practice technologies and business innovations. As one of the supporting partners, IMDA has collaborated with SCCCI since 1997.

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