Homegrown security innovators

Three local SMEs are leading the way in developing security related technologies for organizations both in Singapore and overseas.


V3 Smart Technologies was founded in 2002 by a couple of individuals with engineering, logistics and IT backgrounds who were working for an angel fund and decided to branch out after spotting an opportunity in the geospatial wireless space. Armed with funds from the Temasek-linked Angel Technology Fund Investment Company, its first project was to develop a fleet management system for its first client, a logistics company using Global Positioning System (GPS) to track its trucks.

It has since gone on to develop a taxi management system for Trans-Cab, which is the second largest taxi operator in Singapore as well as other Cloud-based systems for homeland security and regulatory enforcement application for the government and public service sectors.

These include the Electronic Pricing System (EPS) Carpark Management System under its flagship V3NITY platform which can be customized for various vertical industries after undergoing several rounds of enhancement to beef up its functionalities.

V3NITY comes with a comprehensive platform with structurally designed modules including a Geo-Spatial Information system (GIS) that enables users to apply spatial data to its enterprise application, thereby enhancing the visibility of work flow and processes through the use of digital maps; aids in route planning; demarcation of work zones and viewing of the physical locations.

As the company™s co-founder, Adrian Long explained, most of the enhanced features and functionality resulted from its customers™ desire for enhanced functions such as going beyond just knowing the location of a truck or vehicle, but also obtaining proof of job status at any given time. For instance the National Environment Agency (NEA) uses the system to manage its contractors by verifying the progress of a job using a photo capture with a geospatial tag which is relayed to the central command centre where NEA personnel can go through a checklist of the work to be done. With the deployment of Cloud robotics, the company can also employ unmanned sweepers and scrubbers in industrial parks for cleaning services, thereby helping companies to save on manpower costs.

V3 is also developing systems that incorporate surveillance features such as determining body count as well as facial recognition functions which can be used for example for crowd control and management at concerts, sports events, border control and even riot control. It takes us years to perfect the V3NITY engine. And, as the technology evolves, we continue to fine-tune this system further with relevant applications for commercialization, said Wong Shih Jon, Managing Director of V3 Smart Technologies.

He added: With digital transformation, the need for relevant information at breakneck speed especially in the area of security and surveillance is of paramount importance.

Hence, we decided to inject the intelligence into this system so that the event alert notification can be triggered only with a certain degree of backend processing, said Mr Wong.

Other than Singapore where some 80 per cent of its current clientele are based, V3 is showcasing its product offers at the Interpol World Exhibition.

The company is currently looking at expand its footprint to other parts of the world including Europe, Brazil, Australia, India and the Middle East.




Singapore 9th October 2014 V3 Smart Technologies (V3) won the Silver Medal in the Best Enterprise Product Category this year at the annual SiTF Awards. A total of 38 awards were presented to winners across nine categories at ICM Industry Gala Dinner 2014 organized by SiTF held on 9th October 2014 at Resorts World Sentosa.

Some 600 industry leaders and professionals attended the event which was graced by Mr Steve Leonard, Executive Deputy Chairman of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore as guest of honour.


V3™s award winning submission this year is V3 Cloud Robotics which wins Best Enterprise Product category. Designed with the cleaning industry in mind, the V3 Cloud Robotics is a Robot-As-A-Service (patent pending) platform and technology that can be fitted onto any ride-on mechanized cleaning machinery and programmed wirelessly for scheduled cleaning tasks inclusive but not limited to sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing etc.

Key features include the driverless / autonomous mode option, pre-set sequential cleaning workflows, an on-board 180 views camera, analytics and sensors that allow free manoeuvre and collision prevention. Its ease of cloud deployment also allows concurrent multiple machineries to be programmed for different timing schedules and frequencies while maintaining high standards of productivity without the worry of escalating manpower cost.

SiTF Awards, organized by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), is to provide recognition to innovative ICT Application / Solution which are developed locally. This award, championed by the industry, is an important accolade to the infocomm innovations in Singapore.

Mr. Wong Shih Jon, V3™s Managing Director, expressed We strive to instill an innovative culture within the organization and this win certainly gives us the confidence that we are moving in the right direction. We will continue to innovate and develop great Made In Singapore product that can be exportable and create a great difference in the world stage. This year submission is V3 Smart Technologies™ second year consecutive wins by the company. Not surprisingly, this innovation is created in mind to address the key challenge faced very much by this cleaning vertical ie. the manpower crunch.

About V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd

Founded in 2002, a spin off concept of National Track and Trace, from Singapore state, Temasek-link Angel Technology fund Investment Company and became an associate company of Gemalto in 2005, V3 Smart Technologies (V3) has established itself to be the l ading innovative mobility solutions and technology provider in the region specializing in Fleet and Asset Tracking, Mobile Workforce Applications, Transport Optimization and Scheduling Applications and Intelligent Transport Systems. With research and development all done in Singapore, V3 operates the Largest Proven Enterprise/Telco Grade Cloud System encompassing Fleet and Asset Management, Mobile Resource Scheduling and Dispatching under the brand V3Nity for various vertical industries, powering the Taxi Management System for the 2nd largest Taxi Operator in Singapore and deployed its innovative Municipality Solution for Mobile Regulatory Enforcement for various government agencies in Singapore.

As a strategic partner to Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) Intelligent Transport Division, V3 has developed the most complex Electronic Car Park System (EPS) for MHI and therefore established itself to be leading technology partner of Intelligent Transport Systems components for the next generation Electronic Road Pricing system for MHI.

In 2012, V3 decided to diversify into M2M Industrial Automation / Robotics Industry. International Accolades awarded to V3 over the past 5 years :

  • The GSMA APAC Top Innovator 2009
  • Singtel iChallenge 2011 Tablet Enterprise Application Award
  • Telematics Update Awards 2013 Finalist for Best Telematics Service or Solution for Commercial Vehicle Award
  • SiTF Awards 2013 Silver Award for Infocomm Productivity Category

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About Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF)

Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) is Singapore infocomm industry association comprises corporate members ranging from local startups to establish MNCs. SiTF advocates for the ICT industry and helps to accelerate the adoption ICT technology. SiTF works closely with various stakeholders to promote emerging technologies in areas such as Digital Media, Cloud Computing, Green IT, Wireless, Security and Governance. SiTF also provides platforms to help members with opportunities to increase their market presence and business reach. Among the key events initiated by SiTF are the SiTF infocomm Leaders Golf, SiTF Awards, SITEX and ICT Business Summit. The key initiatives include MatchiT, PartneriT, 123JumpStart, SiTF Academy, Productivity and Productisation Programme Office (PPPO) and administering the ˜Infocomm Singapore™ brand.

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