Singapore 1st June 2014 V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd, a leading innovative mobility solutions and technology provider in M2M space, has in the past decade been in the forefront of telematics innovations and automation. Solutions offerings range from Fleet Management System, Municipal Mobile Enforcement Solutions, Taxi Dispatching & Management System have already been widely deployed within the industries.

Making its debut appearance in WasteMET Asia and CleanMET Asia 2014 from 2nd to 4th June 2014, V3Nity Cloud Robotics a revolutionary concept which embodies “intelligence” fitted onto any autonomous machinery or equipment turning them into service robots which can be programmed to perform sequential tasks wirelessly, has gained good feedback from various Ministers and even Prime Minister himself at our booth. Since then it has also gained traction among potential users within the cleaning industry and municipal agencies not only from Singapore but then the neighbouring Asia countries as well.

Unlike the traditional robotic design, this Patent Pending Homegrown Innovation seeks not to replace human but rather compliment them to deliver equal or even more efficient and cost effective results in service excellence within the industry where man-labour market remains tight; typically at a simple click of a mouse and over the Internet Cloud.

Once the topographical area has been mapped inclusive of work site exceptional conditions, it can be pre-programmed and deployed at the differing timing as well as scheduled frequency. Best part is for a more extensive work areas, multiply sets of such deployment can even be operated concurrently.

Scalability wise, V3Nity Cloud Robotics, has the ability to be fitted onto any ready-to-use mechanical equipment for example sweeper, vacuum, scrubbers just to name a few, typically comes with in-built pre-programmable intelligence memory for work analysis or routes re-work. Along its course, the onboard 360 views camera, fitted with sensor allows free manoeuvre and human-detection capability plus objects collision prevention, records photo images for video analytics capability for tasks recording retrievals.

Next, it can even be attached to surveillance device where it can be deployed for warehouse or even asset monitoring.

Spearheading this innovation, Mr Wong Shih Jon, V3 Smart Technologies Managing Director, shares “this solution is a first of its Made-In-Singapore kind. And it is designed to ease the tight labour market we are facing in Singapore, especially so in the industry where it cant seem to attract many Singaporeans to join.”

Such innovation would inevitably open up options for the cleaning industry for a 24/7 automation and with reduced reliance on manpower without compromising its service quality. It also allows the industry to redesign the jobs in the cleaning industry.



Showcasing Singapore tech at COMEX 2014

IDA leads delegation of Singapore tech companies to Oman™s leading IT and telecoms show.

An opportunity to showcase their solutions at Oman™s leading IT and telecoms show, participate in an eGovernment seminar, and be featured on Omani radio and television “ members of the Singapore delegation to COMEX certainly had a full and fulfilling schedule at the event in April.

Led by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), the five Singapore tech companies presented solutions ranging from secure mobile communications to fleet and asset tracking, in line with the key theme of this year™s COMEX Conference, which was Mobility.

Presenting on the topic of Mobility Challenges in the Governmental Sector, Mr Chong Chee Wah, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, TreeBox Solutions, discussed trends such as human-driven behaviour and its impact on advancements in mobility. Such human behaviour is amplified in the significant increases and prevalence of mobile apps. These trends have significant impact on government sectors as well, he said.

TreeBox is a secure mobile communications company. Its flagship product, OnTalk, is a secure enterprise communicator that provides secure voice calls, conference calls, instant messaging, group messaging, SMS and attachments.

Mr Chong and the other Singapore delegates also participated in the eGovernment Seminar jointly organised by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of the Sultanate of Oman and IDA as a lead-up to COMEX.

The aim of the seminar was to facilitate the exchange of eGovernment best practices and thought leadership between Singapore and Oman. It presented an opportunity for the Singapore companies to present their experiences in delivering eGovernment-related solutions, said Mr Adrian Long, General Manager of V3 Smart Technologies.

Mr Long offered insights into how geo-spatial, mobility and telematics tools are shaping operations and workforce productivity in the public sector, and shared some of V3 Smart Technologies’ projects relating to municipal management and regulatory compliance enforcement.

V3 Smart Technologies also showcased its Fleet Management System and the V3 suite of workforce jobs assignment and monitoring applications at the COMEX Exhibition. Its Smart Taxi Management System was featured in a live broadcast on Oman TV and Mr Long was interviewed on radio about V3 Smart Technologies’ participation in COMEX.

Other companies in the Singapore delegation included CrimsonLogic, one of Singapore™s key partners in eGovernment implementation; Simple Solution Systems, which emphasises on user-centric design solutions; and SQL View, whose e-records management solution has over 15,000 users across many government agencies in Singapore.

Mr Vincent Wong, CEO of IDA International, said Singapore sees Oman as a valuable partner in ICT collaboration as both countries recognise ICT as a key enabler in improving the quality of lives of its citizens. The strong line-up of Singapore tech companies at the event reinforced Singapore™s commitment to forge stronger partnerships between the two infocomm industries and contribute to developing the blueprint for Oman™s ICT development, he added.


IDA International to deliver digital services for Oman™s Ministry of Manpower

IDA International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), has signed an agreement with the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of the Sultanate of Oman to deliver digital services for the Omani Ministry of Manpower.

The collaboration is in line with ITA™s eGovernment Transformation Plan which seeks to accelerate and automate internal processes and procedures within government agencies, and ultimately bring about better government services to end users, and greater operational and procedural efficiency within the Omani Government.

The agreement will see IDA International providing consultancy services to transform and streamline the visa clearance processes for the Omani Ministry of Manpower. This will help enhance the management of foreign labour in the country, including the blue collar, white collar and foreign domestic workers. Consultants from IDA International will also undertake a study to improve inspection processes related to the labour welfare management of the workforce in Oman.

The agreement was officially signed at the sidelines of COMEX 2014 by HE Hamad bin Khamis Al Amri, Undersecretary of Oman™s Ministry of Manpower, Dr Salim Al Ruzaiqi, Chief Executive Officer of ITA and Mr Tan Lark Yang, Group Director of IDA International, and witnessed by Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Senior Minister of State, Singapore™s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More details can be accessed in the following story in IN.SG (Infocomm News from Singapore)