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V3 Smart Technologies In The News

(Channel 8 Money Week Programme 16 Dec 2015)

V3 Smart Technology in the News

V3™s Transformer Technology is featured on Money Week

v3 Smart Technologies

V3 Smart Technologies Suite of Solutions Aim Towards Skills Upgrading And Productivity Improvement

V3 Smart Technologies showcases a full suite of solutions, which companies can adopt, aim at improving productivity and allowing workers to enjoy better pay through skills upgrading and increased productivity at this year inaugural session of National Trades Union Congress™ (NTUC) Progressive Wage Seminar, titled ˜Higher Profits, Better Pay “ the Progressive Work Model (PWM) held on 12th November (Wednesday).

The progressive wage model, mooted by the Labour Movement in 2012, has four prongs “ skills upgrading, productivity improvements, career advancement and wage progression. The model aims to enable companies to make better use of manpower and pay higher wages, commensurate with larger scopes and higher productivity level.

Accordingly, as of end-October this year, close to 270 firms have adopted the model and with an estimated of more than 150,000 workers, including Professionals, Managers, Executives, rank-and-file and lower-wage workers have benefited.

NTUC aims to have at least 50 per cent of unionized companies on board some form of progressive wage model by end-2015. Meanwhile, it is urging companies to gear up for the challenges ahead.

˜The slow employment growth is real, high wage expectations will continue to be there and companies will certainly need to re-invent themselves,  said Ms Cham Hui Fong who is NTUC™s assistant secretary-general. We want both employers and employees to work together to really change mindsets.

Targeting at these key challenges in mind, V3 Smart Technologies™ suite of solutions featured at the roadshow were among the few innovative productivity driven systems hand-picked by iDA, who was also invited to grace this ceremony and event alongside SPRING, WDA, e2i and NTUC. These solutions pivot on these following platforms.

V3Nity Cloud Robotics

Cloud Robotics seek to play an increasingly important role in effective deployment of manpower. Conceptualized and designed in Singapore, this patent pending technology helps to maximize the use of headcount with productivity improvement for the cleaning sectors. In specifics, this artificial intelligent which is web-based solution in nature, is mounted on mechanical sweeper or even any Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) which aims to achieve effective operation hours and minimize human errors, fatigue and break/rest time.

V3Nity-WAM (Workforce Assignment & Mobility)

V3Nity WAM systems seek to update milestones of job done by field personnels; hence, eliminating the needs for manual process of work status updating and completion submission. With reports generated from the cloud based web-portal through submission of the work milestones on handheld device, it helps company to enhance productivity and visibility through effective remote monitoring whereby manpower needed to randomly check on sites can be re-deployed to perform other tasks.
V3Nity-FMS (Fleet Management System)

An asset monitoring system which allows the Command and Control Centre to view and track where the vehicle or manpower are through GPS device tracker or mobile app installed in vehicle or smartphone device respectively. For vehicle tracking system, it can even be connected to various accessories which measure the various event incidents for example, fuel level sensor, driver IDs etc with a comprehensive module of driver behaviours.