v3 Smart Technologies

electronic proof of
delivery (EPOD)

V3Nity-WAM for ePOD keeps you on tracks with your customers by combining the delivery of end-to-end visibilities and efficiency across the entire supply chain for enhanced productivity.

Featuring a job’s planning, scheduling and monitoring system plus mobile job handling application, V3Nity-WAM delivers real-time status and end-to-end cargo plus drivers’ visibility. This job scheduling platform can integrate data seamlessly with the existing backend system to optimum utilization of resources for the efficient management of day-to-day logistics and transportation operations.


  • Web-based distribution jobs scheduling and monitoring
  • Mobility with high accountability and connectivity with Push-To-Talk application (handset dependent)
  • Real-time milestones update and end-to-end cargo visibility
  • Range of reports for delivery status includes digital cargo information via barcodes or NFC tags, eSignatory and even job schedule deviation