v3 Smart Technologies

Taxi Dispatching &
Management System (TDMS)


A powerful, original solution, TDMS integrates a host of technologies to create a comprehensive end-to-
end taxi and limousine fleet management system with:
• Wireless telecommunication
• GPS (Global Positioning System)
• GIS (Geographical Information System)
• V3Nity™ routing and resource optimisation tools

TDMS provides multiple capabilities like job request order receiving, vehicle dispatching, data management, driver management and vehicle security. Job assignment, scheduling and fleet management options are also available.

Once a passenger requests details are entered into the system, TDMS will automatically track and select the nearest available vehicle resource and provide effective communication between driver and call centre to best meet the customer’s needs upon the vehicle’s arrival at pick-up location. The system equips the driver with smartphone-based application (Android, iOS or Windows) to receive job assignments, provide driver and call centre interaction, review daily job performance, upload meter fare data and even tabulate earnings for trip/day.

Adopted by some of the most prestigious hotels like the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Resorts World Sentosa to manage their limousine fleets, the TDMS has proven to be versatile, affordable and offers ease of implementation and use to both the call centre and drivers.

v3 Smart Technologiesv3 Smart Technologies


  • Call agent handling including Internet, SMS and smartphone taxi booking options
  • Fair and accurate jobs allocation (based on user pre-defined operational parameters)
  • Faster customer response time and low wasted mileage
  • GPS fleet management system
  • Smartphone applications for easy of use and implementation
  • No costly private radio communication network required
  • Solution provides convenient linkages to mobile devices, existing metering system and payment systems (credit cards, NETS, etc)