v3 Smart Technologies


Cloud-based robotics have come of age and V3 Technovation is right at the forefront. Its mission is to leap into the next order of things by combining leading-edge engineering and cybernetic technologies to create and innovate – to better life as we know it.




Comprising of an adaptive compact command unit (attached to an existing vehicle’s master controls) and our unique RaaS (Robotics as a Service) system, V3 Technovation will turn any service vehicle into an autonomous working unit. This system deploys our proprietary machine intelligence for visual recognition and control for autonomous operation. Our built-in telematics services enable you to see how well the asset is doing and to make changes to achieve optimal performance.


v3 Smart Technologiesv3 Smart Technologies


  • Transformer unit fits into any mechanically-driven vehicle.
  • Powerful on-board memory performs multiple job tasks; including scheduling
  • On-board intelligent camera captures images for real-time monitoring and records.
  • Add-on of machine intelligence functions like biometric facial recognition and sensors for free manouvering via wireless remote control.