v3 Smart Technologies

Transport Planning
Application V3Nity-FMS (TPA)

The V3Nity-FMS (TPA) aims to resolve the complexity and dynamism of load optimization for any logistics and distribution operation, so as to provide prompt, reliable and efficient services while optimize the resources, minimizing operating and transportation costs. The system comes with complete workflow processes from the point of a job instruction being received, planning the distribution processes, organizing individual activities into the most efficient work path, deriving the manifest for each resource and closes the job with an invoice being generated.

The system is designed to support point-to-point, consolidation, distribution, or a combination of all three modes, to enable logistics transportation companies to control and manage the trucking and distribution operations.


  • Web based Solution with Backend Data Interface eg. SAP, ERP etc.
  • Auto and Manual Computer Assisted Planning
  • Modular System Components Tunable To User Operational Requirement
    • Optimization Engine (automatically calculates an optimal schedule for all specified deliveries with consideration on various soft & hard constraints
    • Routes Planning Engine (create road networks based Collection and Delivery District Zone of a digital Map
  • Graphical Milestones Monitoring Chart
  • Comprehensive Report for Resources Management
  • Scalable to interface with GPS vehicle monitoring & mobile proof of delivery system to achieve end-to-end cargo visibility.
  • System can integrate with our V3Nity-WAM solution to include mobile delivery jobs handling application to facilitate electronic proof of delivery.


  • Lead logistics service providers
  • Fast moving consumer goods distribution
  • Automotive spare parts and finish goods distribution
  • Petrol-Chemical goods distribution