V3Nity-FMS / WAM

The V3NITY is a Value Service which accumulate V3 Smart Technologies’ experiences, technical and industry knowledge of many successful deployed Location Based Resources Monitoring, Assignment and Management solutions.

V3NITY is well positioned as a Resources/Workforce Optimization and Location-based Monitoring systems with consideration on network and communication, system design and workflow processes, for the convenient of users who wish to manage its resources (fleet, personnel or vehicles) and service partners who wish to collaborate to provision such system of their targeted market anytime and anywhere in the World without border.

V3NITY Service encompasses well designed and tested Geo-spatial Information system (GIS) assisted Resources Tracking and Telematics Monitoring Application which offers more than simple mobile assets tracking, to facilitate users to track, manage and optimize the utilization of their mobile resources (Asset, Personnel or Vehicles) via the World Wide Web in any remote locations.

V3NITY with its GPS Fleet Management application shines above its basic track and trace functions, to enable enterprise users with the power to monitor temperature of both refrigerated and humidity trucks’ compartments; filtering out non-conformance drivers with driver behaviour monitoring tools that detect harsh braking, sudden acceleration, over the speed limit, over pre-defined driving hours, unauthorized travelled routes, dead mileage. In addition, the application also comes with tools to monitor fuel consumption, deter possible fuel pilferage and vehicles performance through “CAN BUS” interface.

The V3NITY Service integrates content, applications, position determination and GIS technologies to quickly fulfil user requests over a variety of mobile devices/handsets (ranging from Windows CE, Window Mobile, Android and iOS operating system) and Internet GUI application for the purpose of resources (Asset, Personnel or Vehicles) monitoring, scheduling, telematics data analysis and reporting via a single provisioning and communication platform.

The first Telematics Platform that comes with forecasting, optimization, routing engines integrated with Open Geo-Spatial Information System (GIS) and latest Location Determination Technology, V3NITY is the perfect service solution that allows enterprises to use telematics and real time data management to optimize resources, and for collaboration services with telco operators and Applications Service Partners for Worldwide deployment.


  • Provisioned on reliable network infrastructure 24 x 7 with Worldwide map contents.
  • Have interfaces to temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, CAN BUS, OBDII and various external sensors.
  • Driver behavioural analysis or vehicle utilisation reports not limited to idling, over standing time, geo-fencing, harsh braking, sudden acceleration and over speed limit.
  • Event based alerts through Short Messaging Service, emails and web prop-up.
  • Riding on public telecommunication, wireless network and satellite communication network.
  • Resources routing and optimisation.
  • Jobs scheduling and dispatching with Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Android and iOS Smart devices.
  • On-the-move monitoring with handy Android and iOS mobile application.