V3nity™ brand is developed and owned by V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore pioneer in M2M mobility solutions since 2002 and providing its smart solutions throughout Asia and the Middle-East. 

With V3nity™, our customers have the most comprehensive, vertically-integrated mobility solutions available in the market today; real-time and online. This was our goal. It wasn’t good enough that we were amongst Asia’s first cloud-based telematics company, we wanted to be the most comprehensive, responsive and secure partner for our customers.

Developing our proprietary V3nityTM was our answer.

  • Security enhanced
    V3nity™ proprietary status ensures no third party has access to customer data at its processing centre.
  • Scalability assured
    Our services can grow with our customer’s needs as they grow in size or in regions.
  • Stability demonstrated
    V3nity™ has proven stable over the past ten years. Continuous improvement and upgrades keep it being a most powerful core.
The first-ever M2M telematics platform developed in Asia with a host of technological features:
• Powerful algorithms for optimisation, routing and communication modules
• Integrated Geo-spatial Information Systems (GIS)
• Location determination tools

Powerful, stable and secure, V3nity™ helps our customers realise their ambitions for better visibility, velocity and variability for their mobile assets.




V3NityTM technology architecture has extreme scalability of solutions and interfaceable with the majority of customer database systems.